About us

Terre Sans Frontière is a not-for-profit organization based in Morocco, which promotes cultural relations between international creatives. We do this by building and fostering cultural collaborations across the arts, music, film and science. Our mission is to initiate and assist the exchange of skills, creativity and innovation in order to create opportunities, increase intercultural dialogue and generate long-term partnerships.


After both meeting in 2006, Saad-Eddine Said and Amy Smyth combined their passion and interest for intercultural exchange in order to break cultural barriers for a better understanding of each other. With no budget, they invited a group of individual artists from the UK to the Zagora desert to collaborate with each other. From there they desired to host platforms for exchange across Morocco building a network of international artists as they moved from the South to the North to build creative relations through dialogue, creativity and innovation.

This resulted in founding the non-for-profit organization, Terre Sans Frontière in 2008 to help understand the differences between cultures and traditions. They strongly believe that by breaking boundaries and creating different collaborations can develop into a long lasting mutual dialogue. Each year they aspire to further their collaborations through innovative methods. They encourage all collaborations to extend beyond their initial experiences. With the dedication from their artists in residence, it has been possible for Terre Sans Frontière to expand its network to the five continents.

Amy Smyth is a contemporary British Artist based in London and Morocco. She has exhibited nationwide and regularly facilitates art educational workshops with young people.

Saad-Eddine Said is a Moroccan Film maker, musician and environmentalist. Based in Morocco, he works as a composer and has increased environmental awareness through his films.

Saad-Eddine Said and Amy Smyth intertwine their art practice through Terre Sans Frontiere by organizing, facilitating and taking part in the cultural platforms that they host.

“ With each individual’s contrasts and similarities we are connected by common global issues which impacts our daily lives. We strongly believe that a better understanding of each other would be a step in the right direction to break cultural boundaries and enhance social development ”

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