And'Art Marrakech 2010

And'Art Marrakech 2010

Terre Sans Frontière is proud to present And’Art: Marrakech 2010.

And’Art visited the red city of Marrakech. Participants focused on two different aspects which are unique to this city;


Marrakech is famous for its storytellers. Stories have been passed down for generations carrying the history of the city, not only myths but also historical tales. Storytellers have crossed their boundaries to become the historians of this great city.


Marrakech is a juxtaposition of cultures, trade and landscapes. Known as the door to the desert, for generations Marrakech has been a meeting point between the mountains and the desert, Berbers and Arabs, tourists and locals. It has become the melting pot in Morocco.

In its third edition, And’Art showcased over 40 Artists, Musicians and Film Makers from 18 countries.

Our partners included, British Council, Morocco and the Tate Britain, London, and European Cultural Foundation.

Participants included Taz Alexander, Tate Forum (Tate Britain, London), Jacquelyn Hynes, Mohamed Yahya and others.

The residency took place within the public environment, allowing community involvement in the form of workshops, interactive activities and artist’s demonstrations.

And’Art took place 16-26 September and included art exhibits, wall murals, live concerts, VJ sets and much more.

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