And'Art Marrakech 2010

Youth collaboration

A group of British young artists from Tate Forum, Tate Britain, London attended And’Art 2010 to collaborate alongside a group of young Moroccan filmmakers and artists.

Their aim was to collaborate around the given themes to produce a film and collaborative artwork for a final exhibition.

British Young Artists, Tate Forum, Tate Britain, London are set within a national gallery; Tate Forum is Tate Britain’s peer-led advisory youth group for 14 - 25 year olds. They meet fortnightly to plan and organise events for other young people using themes from the permanent collection and special exhibitions. Tate Forum work with contemporary artists while exploring cultural issues by discussing and creating works of art: their goal is to make Tate Britain a destination for young people to visit, to create and to contribute to visual culture.

The majority of the young Moroccan artists are studying or recent graduates from the film school, ESAV in Marrakech and art schools in Casablanca and Rabat.

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