And'Art Casablanca 2012

And'art project

And’Art (referring to ‘views’ in Arabic) is a cultural artistic platform between artists, musicians and filmmakers. These events are held in different cities across Morocco to give our participants a chance to express their views and identities around the immediate environment.

Our vision is to promote the value of art in different cities across Morocco between our participants and to enhance social development with young and disabled people, to assist artists in realizing their artistic ambition and to extend their experiences. We aim to bring cultures together to increase a better understanding of each other. Participants are not only asked to collaborate during the residency in Morocco but are also encouraged to make long term partnerships beyond their duration, collaborating via internet or in their countries.

We make this possible through our aims and objectives;

  • To give people the opportunity to express themselves artistically and innovatively. To create connections between the artistic community in Morocco and Internationally.
  • To give opportunities to Moroccan and International artists, Film Makers and musicians to exchange ideas, to produce works based on the local environment and to inspire other emerging artists.
  • To attain a greater confidence in cross-cultural collaboration, in adapting to new working environments, understanding each others cultures and creating a better awareness of each others culture.
  • To enhance social development in Morocco and internationally by working with young and disabled people on a yearly basis to aid and develop their professional skills.
  • To develop audience participation by offering a free festival to those that has limited access to artist communities.
  • To encourage all participants to collaborate beyond And’Art via internet, or in their countries.

And’Art is a unique opportunity. Through discussion, working with artists from different backgrounds and innovative approaches our participants will develop their professional practice. Facing the challenges of culture, language barriers and for some adapting to a new environment enriches life experiences. Giving workshops to young and disabled people develop their educational skills. We ensure that all those involved in And’Art will leave the experience with new perspectives and will take their memories of And’Art with them throughout their entire careers.

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