And'Art Tangier 2009

Youth Workshop

Amy Smyth led the art workshop, with facilitation by the artists involved. The concept of the workshop was given to the artists before they arrived. The young people were asked to illustrate a visual sentence to introduce the opening of the festival.

The young people were asked to illustrate the first half of the sentence; the illustrators and painters facilitated this.

The sculptors helped the young people to make sculptural, 3D letters; this was then taken one step further when the filmmakers and young people developed their work into a stop frame animation. Spoken Arabic over-played the animation to coincide with the visuals in English.

This was a rewarding experience for those involved, both professionally and creatively. Art is not emphasized in the young people’s curriculum and therefore the workshop pushed their skills and thinking a little further to make them aware that we can express our views and opinions through art.

Their work was showcased in "Cinémathèque de Tanger", "Mohamed Haddad Theatre", final show and exhibition.

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